Bali on a Budget: Why Everyone Needs to Go

by Vierra Reid May 23, 2017

After my second trip to Bali, I can tell you one thing: GO. 

Every good thing I’ve found while abroad - you name it - I’ve found it there.

Below, in no particular order, I’ve listed the reasons why.


This sounds so hypocritical, but I don’t always enjoy visiting a place that’s filled with people just like me - a good ole American tourist. Bali gets its fair share of every nation and accent (my favorite). Not to mention, the majority of people you interact with during hikes, rentals, dining, etc. is born and bred Indonesian. 

Note: Indonesians might be the most jovial people around - their smiles are contagious


From food to transportation, you’ll live like Kings & Queens at a quarter of the price. 

Need examples?

  • A full course meal including an appetizer, meal, dessert and fresh coconut (can’t forget that): $7

  • Scooter rental: less than $5 per day
  • My 8 friends and I split two AirBnB’s (in Ubud & Canguu) for a 10-day trip total of $120 per person
  • Day trip to Gili Islands: $45

  • Pretty Poison cover: $0

  • Scooter snack: <10¢

  • 10-hour trip including a pick up, breakfast, hike to sunrise & drop off: $45

  • Getting chased by monkeys: $1

Not scared at all

  • Surf lessons: $30 
  • 2-hour board rental: $4


I’m an AirBnB advocate, but there’s quite a few options around the island for home stays and hostels. Both places we stayed, our jaws dropped for about ten minutes straight. No pictures or videos online can do these villas justice. Almost every rental is wifi & A/C equipped. Did I mention the infinity pools? Those too. 

The staff at both places were so helpful and generous. In Canggu, the staff made us breakfast (when requested), took care of scooter rentals, cleaned, and gave us recommendations on restaurants, day trips, and more. 


Call me naive, but I would feel more safe going on a late night run on the back roads of Bali than 90% of anywhere in America. It’s hard to explain on a blog post, but when you get there, you’ll feel it and understand. 


Most places will either pick you up from the airport for free or charge a small amount. Because we were only staying at our first spot for 2 nights, they charged roughly $25 per car which came out to $5 per person - not bad for a 2-hour transport to Ubud. 

Each villa we stayed at came with drivers & cars at our disposal. They drove us to restaurants, excursions, etc. throughout our stay and each day we ended up spending around $5-$7 each. 

When we got to Canggu, we rented scooters each day. With two girls on each ride, it was about $2.50 - whaaaat. We took them everywhere and only had to fill them up once (around $3).


The food, the food, the food. Whether you want to eat authentic Indonesian or at Australian influenced cafes, it’s hard to not turn a corner and find something you’ll enjoy. It’s something to write home about, believe me. My top ten meals to date have been in Bali and I’m not even sponsored.

About the Author:

Vierra is a 25 year old Idahomie at heart living in the northend of Boise. She enjoys all things outdoors and is convinced that living fully human is essential.
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Vierra Reid
Vierra Reid


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