5 Adventure Mobiles We Dig Right Now

by Vierra Reid March 27, 2017

Sell it all, hit the road, and never look back? We've thought about it too.. If you're still working the nine to five, feel free to live vicariously through these adventure mobiles.  


Two new college grads/innate travelers/adventure seekers who decided to stray away from the conventional path and buy a sprinter van, convert it into a mobile home and travel wherever roads take them.

 “Two years ago, we skipped class for nine months to backpack Southeast Asia and realized how naturally the nomadic lifestyle came to us. Collecting memories, immersing ourselves in new cultures, and making lifelong friends on the road became second nature to us. We strive to continually live life that way. Two people driven by curiosity, pursuing the unknown like the mavericks we are.”

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Tobias is currently living out of a red ambulance that he converted into a cozy adventure mobile. It allows him to keep costs low and travel freely whenever he wants.

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Viktoria - 25, fashion and design student, Vienna based, maker of things & puppy lover
Michael - 27, law degree, sports student, van owner & sports addicted

"He suffers to drive up hills but keeps us cozy and warm. He serves us cold beer. He's the best DJ in town & he burns for mountain and beach days."

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The trials and tribulations of all things #vanlife for Tommy Erst and MacKenzie Klein, and of course their heeler pup Banjo. 

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"Birdie is a retired school bus rebuilt on tight budgets, big dreams, simplicity and endless comfort so no matter where we roam, we're always home"

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Vierra Reid
Vierra Reid


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